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Precision Life Sciences

Precision Life Sciences began with a simple idea – lab testing should be accurate, time-sensitive, and provide actionable results to our clients. We help make life and medications easier for clinicians who serve seniors in assisted living facilities, rehab centers, retirement communities, transitional care, home health, and the private sector. Our clients trust us to deliver reliable results in a fraction of the time it takes traditional labs.

Understanding your unique genetic makeup puts you in the driver’s seat of your own health and wellness. At Precision Life Sciences, we believe in equipping both the clinician and the patient with the information to help better understand how an individual metabolizes medications and how drugs and treatments affect you – not the “one size fits all” mindset. We believe that lab testing should be accurate, delivered in industry-leading turn-around time, and provide actionable results. Science shows us that our health is just as individual as our fingerprints and personality. Before making important medical decisions, we believe you deserve to have the full picture of your health – the things you can see and the things hidden within your DNA

In addition to pharmacogenetics, our innovative approach to lab services, like Molecular UTI, Molecular Wound, COVID, and Respiratory testing, gives our clients reliable information and the peace of mind they need to make the best decisions for treatment options. UTIs, for example, are responsible for 10.5 million doctor’s visits each year, and the standard diagnosis has up to a 33% error rate. Still, our molecular UTI testing is not only faster, but it’s also more reliable than the traditional culture. Our lab tests look at wounds and infections on a molecular level, which means you get a clearer, more accurate picture of the present pathogens and bacteria. Instead of a “best guess” approach to treatment, our molecular wound testing shows your physician exactly what is present so they can treat the entire infection and not the individual pathogens within the infection. Every lab test we offer provides the most detailed, accurate understanding of a patient’s unique diagnosis – because we want you to have access to the best treatment, medication, and care. BRAND MESSAGING Precision Life Sciences combines advanced technology with impeccable integrity to deliver fast, accurate lab results to our valued patients. Together, we’re bringing the power of genetics to regular people and creating a healthier, happier future for everyone.

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Custom lab testing for quick, personalized results


Precision Life Sciences – For lab testing as specific as your DNA


Putting you in the driver’s seat of your own health and wellness


Precision Life Sciences: Accurate, Fast, Usable Results